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More peo­ple than ever are choos­ing to go Solo, embrac­ing the free­dom and oppor­tu­ni­ty that comes with trav­el­ing alone, pur­su­ing solo entre­pre­neur­ship, or dat­ing whomev­er they want—or not at all.

If you want to live a remark­able Solo life, we have a club for you.

Solo: The Club for Singles

Cel­e­brate how sin­gle liv­ing lets you be adven­tur­ous, make art, explore your pas­sions and fol­low your own path on your terms.

Solo Travel

Plan­ning your next solo adven­ture? Join to share your sto­ries and learn how to trav­el alone — and trav­el well.

Solo Entrepreneurs

Going it alone as an entre­pre­neur? Join to explore the his­to­ry of solo­pre­neurs – from Blakey to Bezos and beyond – and dis­cuss the chal­lenges of build­ing a busi­ness on your own. 


Host of the pod­cast Solo: The Sin­gle Person’s Guide to a Remark­able Life, Peter McGraw is a behav­ioral econ­o­mist, pro­fes­sor, author, pro­fes­sion­al speak­er, and bachelor.

As the direc­tor of the Humor Research Lab (aka HuRL), he has spent more than a decade exam­in­ing the antecedents and con­se­quences of humor. McGraw is the co-author of The Humor Code: A Glob­al Search for What Makes Things Fun­ny and the author of Shtick to Busi­ness: What the Mas­ters of Com­e­dy can Teach You about Break­ing Rules, Being Fear­less, and Build­ing a Seri­ous Career.

Solo: The Podcast

Join Peter McGraw, expert guests, and remark­able sin­gles for con­ver­sa­tions about liv­ing solo – and liv­ing well. From the sci­ence of sin­gle liv­ing to why sin­gle peo­ple are cool, the dis­cus­sions are smart, ener­getic, and funny.

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Featured Episode: The Science of Single Living

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The Sci­ence of Sin­gle Living 
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