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More people than ever are choosing to go Solo, embracing the freedom and opportunity that comes with traveling alone, pursuing solo entrepreneurship, or dating whomever they want—or not at all.

If you want to live a remarkable Solo life, we have a club for you.

Solo: The Club for Singles

Celebrate how single living lets you be adventurous, make art, explore your passions and follow your own path on your terms.

Solo Travel

Planning your next solo adventure? Join to share your stories and learn how to travel alone — and travel well.

Solo Entrepreneurs

Going it alone as an entrepreneur? Join to explore the history of solopreneurs – from Blakey to Bezos and beyond – and discuss the challenges of building a business on your own.


Host of the podcast Solo: The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life, Peter McGraw is a behavioral economist, professor, author, professional speaker, and bachelor.

As the director of the Humor Research Lab (aka HuRL), he has spent more than a decade examining the antecedents and consequences of humor. McGraw is the co-author of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny and the author of Shtick to Business: What the Masters of Comedy can Teach You about Breaking Rules, Being Fearless, and Building a Serious Career.

Solo: The Podcast

Join Peter McGraw, expert guests, and remarkable singles for conversations about living solo – and living well. From the science of single living to why single people are cool, the discussions are smart, energetic, and funny.

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Featured Episode: The Science of Single Living

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The Science of Single Living

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